The Coming Together: falling in love, rising to freedom

Testi di Erich Fromm / Fotografie di Claudio Maria Lerario

Preface by Joakim LarsenThe Coming Together is a book about love and freedom: love for all people and freedom from all the impositions of the status quo. This is expressed by Erich Fromm’s timeless words and by the performers of Movimento Centrale as portrayed by Claudio Maria Lerario. Words, photographs, and dance go hand in hand to represent the concatenation, the consolidation and the integration of our differences.

In fact, The Coming Together is also a book about the value of diversity. Because only when we are able to discover the beauty in each other, can we establish long-lasting and mature relationships. This fulfills all and does not seek to create uniformity. On the contrary, through the appreciation of diversity, it seeks out a sense of unity; so rather than being the source of suspicion and a cause for separation, it teaches us the power of being unique.

This is what inspired us to make The Coming Together, a book that we wish to present as one expression of such relations of diversity, unity, and love.